Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For all those fellow stagers in Utah wondering if there is another furniture rental option besides Cort, well it's your lucky day! There is a local (Utah) company called Paisley Home Staging. They offer a great selection of furniture at affordable rates! I've rented their furniture several times and been extremely impressed with not only there professionalism but the quality of furniture and their flexibilty to help me pull off the last minute staging jobs!


  1. Bethany,
    Last night staging meeting went well. All professional stagers are welcome. If you would like to join please call Bethany at 688 7026 or Tamie at 654 0062. It was show and tell time. During the meeting we went over our most recent: staging projects, furniture and elements of staging. Also was a decussion on "why" staging
    is so important in todays market.
    Once again thanks to all who showed up.
    Tamie Ogden
    Paisley Home Staging

  2. Thanks Tamie! I agree! We already have great plans for next months meeting so we will be in touch!