Friday, October 24, 2008

Wow! Today's real estate market is so crazy!!! If you want to sell fast or even in some cases at all you need to stage! I just did a consultation and the home was SO outdated. The seller is still very much attached to the home and I could tell she was of the mind set that someone else will love her home as much as she does in it's current condition. NOT TRUE! I like to use the hotel room analogy. If you get to your hotel room and it hasn't been cleaned very good doesn't it totally gross you out? It's the same with selling your home. Even though your has been lived in buyers don't want to be reminded that you've actually used your toilet! Anyway, long story short, hire a stager, and be prepared to spend a little money to prepare your home for sale. A good stager will not steer you wrong and suggest the minimum upgrades for the maximum results! If you want top dollar for your home be prepared to make some changes and do some updating!

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